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Welcome To Thrombosis News Online

Welcome To Thrombosis News Online

red blood cells moving through a veinHello and welcome to We are just going through a bit of a make-over and will be back up and running soon. We look forward to bringing you helpful information on Thrombosis.

If you think that you may have a thrombosis then you need to contact your doctor immediately and get it checked out. If it is out of hours then it is advisable to go to the emergency unit of your local hospital. It is not worth taking the risk. Value your health and do all you can to get seen by a doctor straight away.

How Are Blood Clots Formed?

Deep vein thrombosis, often referred to as DVT comes about when a blood clot forms, usually in the veins of the legs and pelvis. The symptoms of a DVT can vary as some people experience no pain at all, whereas other people may suffer from a great deal of pain and swelling in the affected area. If a person can get a quick diagnosis and begin treatment right away then most DVT cases are not life-threatening. However, some may be an urgent risk factor that could be life-threatening, therefore, a person must always get themselves checked out without delay if they suspect a DVT or have pain or swelling of the leg or pelvic area.

Here is a video from Dr Oz discussing more about blood clots and how people can help to prevent them from occurring.